Who to tell when you move

As soon as you know you are moving and you have the new address you are moving to, then inform Royal Mail and arrange to redirect your mail as soon as you have a firm moving date. A minimum of 5 days notice is required. Redirections can be set up for a minimum of 1 month, and can be extended up to 2 years. The following are some of the of the companies and organisations who you should tell when you move and change address.  Use this a a starting point for your own moving address checklist.

  • Power – Make sure you know who will be supplying your gas and electric at your new house. Have a telephone number for the gas and electric supplier handy so you can phone through the meter readings at both old and new properties. Give your old suppliers your new address so they can send you your final bill
  • Telecoms – Contact your telecoms supplier and arrange to have the phone to be either disconnected or transferred to your buyer. If you are moving locally you can often keep your old number when you move providing you contact your telecoms supplier and give them sufficient notice. Also tell your mobile service provider your new address
  • Changing Broadband – Most broadband companies require notice of termination. If you are locked into a contract and cannot use the same supplier at your new address there may be a penalty payment.
  • Water – Advise the water board at both your old and new property. If you are on a meter don’t forget to take the meter reading on the day you move.
  • Council Tax – You will need to advise your local council of your move. You will probably get a rebate for the current financial year if you are up to date with your installments.
  • DVLA will need to be notified of your new address and you will need a replacement photocard licence
  • TV Licensing details can be updated on line.
  • Banks and credit card companies both need to be informed when you are moving house. Give your bank / building society plenty of notice of a change of address so that they can amend your details in good time.Confirm with your bank and any other financial services organisations that you are moving home and advising them of your new address and amending all transaction information. Some will want you to visit your branch in person; others will send you a change of address form if you telephone a central number. They will almost certainly require you to send in some form of ID such as a passport or birth certificate as well. Don’t forget to inform credit card companies, store-card companies and loan companies in the same way.
  • If you have any loyalty cards, let the administrators know of your change of address so you’ll still receive your bonuses. If you own any shares, inform the registrars so that share certificates and options to sell / buy all reach you within the required time frames.

Don’t forget to cancel any standing orders or direct debits relating to bills for your old address.

Top Tip

If you are sending documents such as passports or birth certificates through the mail, make sure you use the Special Delivery service for sending valuables and important documents.

Moving House – Informing Telecoms including Broadband Internet Access When moving house, you may decide to remain with your current supplier(s) or you may decide to switch to another provider. Either way, your new supplier should advise you to cease your existing services (i.e. telephone & broadband) at the old address whilst a separate order is raised for your new telephone & broadband services at the new address on the date which you specify.

Linked orders process (single supplier)

This process may apply if you are intending to switch your existing telephone & broadband services’ to a single supplier. If your chosen supplier supports the ‘Single orders process’, you just need to place one order for all services. With this process you do not require a MAC from your existing supplier. You simply approach your new chosen supplier, explain that you wish to switch your telephone (i.e. ‘line rental and ‘calls’) & broadband services (as a bundle) to them and that you will require both services to be delivered on the same day with minimal loss of service.

Sequential orders process (single supplier)

If the Linked orders process is not possible, then your telephone and broadband services will be switched individually in 2 stages. Tithe overall process may take 15-20 days to complete, the level of downtime should be minimal. In this scenario you have your new telephone service installed first before ordering your broadband service. In this scenario, your chosen supplier will arrange to switch either your telephone service (i.e. line rental and calls) or broadband service first. In order to initiate the broadband switch you will be advised to obtain a MAC from your existing broadband supplier. Prior to switching your telephone services, you will receive two ‘advice of transfer’ letters – one from your existing telephone service provider and one from your new provider, advising you of the details of the switch, and giving you an opportunity to cancel if you have changed your mind or have been mi s-sold. Both services should switch relatively seamlessly but you should verify the likely impact with your chosen supplier beforehand.

Linked Orders – Different suppliers for telephone and broadband

Top Tip

Telecoms suppliers have different lead times for installing new services – typically 2 -4 weeks. As soon as you have exchanged contracts start the process of arranging the telecoms services you require for a seamless transition.

If you decide to use different Service Providers (e.g. SP1 for voice, SP2 for Broadband) and they both support the Linked orders process, you should explain to the 1st supplier whom you approach (e.g. SP1 for voice) that you are obtaining your Broadband from another supplier (you do not have to say who) and that you will require both services to be delivered on the same day. This will prompt SP1 to give you a ‘Linked Order Reference Number’ (LORN) which you must then give to your chosen Broadband supplier (SP2) as soon as possible, in order for the 2 orders to be directly linked within the provisioning process.

If the new provider(s) do not support the Linked orders process, then you will need to order the telephone services first, and only order the broadband services once the telephone line is activated. Please let us know if there are other important suppliers / organisations you think should be included on this page on who to tell when you move house and they will be added at the next update.