How to find a good conveyancing solicitor

Conveyancing solicitor – friends or family recommendation

If family or friends have had a good experience with a particular conveyancing solicitor then consider instructing the same firm. Remember you may not get the same conveyancing solicitor working for you, particularly in a large practice.

How to Find a Good Conveyancing solicitor – Estate Agents or mortgage lender recommendation

Ask your Estate Agent, or your mortgage lender for a recommendation. Someone will have dealt with a solicitor before and know who to trust.

If you prefer to save yourself the expenses of a solicitor you can also do the conveyancing yourself. This is not such a good idea when buying a house, since the work load is much heavier, but as a seller the tasks to be performed are much simpler. Still, you should spend some time in a local library and get up-to-date on legal terms and proceedings.

The family solicitor is usually a good choice.

When finding a good conveyancing solicitor you should also take into consideration:

Cost: Talk to 2 0r 3 different solicitors and get a firm cost quotation for handling your conveyancing. This does not mean that you should go for the cheapest quote you get, but that you stay within your means. There may be different reasons why one solicitor is cheaper than another, but find out about the service they provide. Do they offer a no sale no fee service. A very useful safeguard should the transaction not go to completion.

Information: During the selling process how will your solicitor keep you informed of progress. Many solicitors now provide an online account where you can access current information on the progress of your transaction

Relationship: It is important that your solicitor is approachable and easy to get on with. Talk to them and see what they are like.

Make sure your solicitor is a member of a recognised organisation. If you have a problem the Law Society’s Office for the Supervision of Solicitors deals with complaints about solicitors and conveyancers. Their website is

Instead of a conveyancing solicitor one cheaper option, certainly if you are buying a house is to use a licensed conveyancer. If you are taking out a mortgage you should check with your mortgage provider if this is acceptable, as some will insist that the legal work is carried out by a solicitor. For more details of this option make sure you visit their website at