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House Removal Insurance

House removal companies may offer house removal insurance as part of their contract. If they do, check the limit on what compensation you will be able to claim as it is often quite low. Ask to see in writing exactly what will be covered when you get your house removals quotes and the time limit for making a claim. With most house removal insurance you have to pay a part of any claim, known as the excess, which is usually £50 or more.

House Removals Insurance and furniture removal insurance and storage

When you are moving house you should consider insurance for your property during the actual process of moving.

Some household contents insurance policies will insure your possessions for the period of the move, but if yours does not you should take out extra insurance cover for any mishaps that might occur during the move. There are several companies providing house removals insurance online quotes.
Most insurers will extend your cover for the removal period, for an additional premium to cover the increased risk. This premium is normally around £25. It is difficult to obtain this cover from insurance companies with whom you do not already have an insurance policy. Check what the policy covers and the time limit within which a claim must be made.

The policy will probably NOT cover: scratches and dents bank notes, shares, bonds, deeds, stamps and securities loss or damage due to strikes, weather conditions, or delay goods that are not professionally packed – make sure everything is packed, and unpacked, by professional removers or your claim may be jeopardized.
House Removal Quotes – Furniture Removal Quotes

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